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Thermal Imaging of Switch Panels

Below shows a thermal image recorded of the supply cables to the main switch panel during an electrical thermographic survey within a data centre in East London.

As can be seen in the thermal image below, there is a temperature rise toward the L1 supply phase cable termination which was due to poor electrical contact between the cable lug and busbar assembly.

Analysis Details


Diff Amb

Sp1 - Cable temp (L1) 85.4°C 61°C
Sp2 - Cable temp (L2) 46.8°C 23°C
Sp3 - L1 Busbar temp 119.2°C 95°C
Dt1 - Temp Rise (Sp1 - Sp2) 38.6°C n/a

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Due to the temperature recorded and the importance of the equipment, this anomaly was given a priority 1 category requiring urgent action to be carried out.

The Engineering Manager was immediately informed who took emergency action to supply the datacentre through alternative means whilst the lug connection was suitably tightened to the recommended torque.

This anomaly was identified just in time before irreparable damage was caused to the cable. If left for much longer the cable temperature would have likely increased to the melting point of the cable presenting a significant risk of short circuiting and explosion, leading to considerable business interruption losses and large repair costs.

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