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Thermal Imaging of Control Panels - Contactor Overload

Below shows a thermal image recorded of two contactor overloads within an electrical control panel supporting Foundry process.

As can be seen in the thermal image below, the overload bodies are hot possibly due to incorrect selection or settings of the overloads for the driven load (fan motors).

Analysis Details


Diff Amb

Sp1 - Overload Body 3Q3 96.1°C 62°C
Sp2 - Overload Body 3Q4 89.5°C 55°C
Ar1 - Maximum temp in area 110.1°C 76°C

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Load measurements were recorded by the Engineering team on site which were then compared to the design specifications of both the overloads and driven load. This revealed that the load was too high which was later found to be due to filters being blocked within the process. The filters were then replaced which reduced operational load on the fan motors to within the design settings for the overload and fan motors.

The above example shows that in the right hands, thermography is an excellent predictive maintenance tool than can provide a superb assessment of the operational performance of process related equipment.

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