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Benefits of Electrical Thermal Imaging Surveys

Thermography (thermal imaging) makes it possible to identify electrical defects such as loose connections and over loaded circuits (the most common cause of electrical fires), transformer cooling faults, motor winding faults and induced currents.

A thermographic survey inspects electrical equipment including distribution fuseboards, MCB boards, contactors, switch boards, transformers, motors, battery banks, UPS's, control panels, switch fuses and isolators etc whilst the equipment is in operation, causing no disruption to business operations.

Electrical thermal imaging surveys are non-intrusive, enabling inspections to be completed safely and efficiently, without interruption to your business operations. Appointing Red Current Ltd to undertake a thermographic survey of your electrical systems enables the following benefits to be realised:

Compliments the Periodic Fixed Wire Testing:

Electrical thermography identifies electrical issues that are unlikely to be detected during fixed wire testing and inspections.

Periodic Fixed Wire Testing is carried out to ensure that safety devices such as earth protection, fuses and circuit breakers operate as required under short circuit and fault load conditions. These devices provide no protection against the risks associated with poor connections.

Thermal Imaging should be carried out following fixed wire testing to ensure poor connections have not been introduced during the Fixed Wire testing activity.

Surveys are non-intrusive…… no disruption to normal business operations.

There is no other technique that is able to identify electrical issues such as poor connections, overloading, phase imbalances, faulty equipment etc. as safely and as quickly. A thermographic survey is non-intrusive, meaning no disruption to normal business operations.

Enables any requirement for intrusive maintenance to be planned around normal business operations.

Electrical thermography enables the identification of only those items of equipment that require remedial works together with the severity of the defect. This enables maintenance to be suitably planned around operational commitments maximising the availability of plant and equipment.

Potential to extend equipment lifecycle and identify energy savings.

A thermographic survey can give an excellent insight into the operational effectiveness of equipment, enabling the identification of opportunities to make energy savings together with increasing the operational lifecycle of equipment.

Reduction in the cost of breakdowns

Depending on the type of equipment and its location, the cost of electrical failure can run into many thousands of pounds in repairs, lost production, injury claims, etc.

As defects are found before they cause equipment to fail, the associated cost of repairs is minimal compared to the cost of equipment failure.

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