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Areas at risk of condensation and mould growth

During internal thermal imaging surveys, anomalies such as discontinuity of insulation and thermal bridging are identified and reported using guidance relating to limiting the risk of condensation or mould growth, as detailed in BRE Information Paper IP 1/06: Assessing the effects of thermal bridging at junctions and around openings.

The thermal image below shows an area of an internal which is significantly colder than the walls. The blue isotherm highlighter is identifying how much of this area is below the critical surface temperature and is therefore at risk of condensation and mould growth.

Environmental Conditions


External air temperature 10.4°C
Internal air temperature 21°C
Critical Surface Temperature 18.3°C
IP106 visual

Thermal imaging surveys of buildings can identify defects such as cold bridging, unintended air leakage paths, missing insulation and all manner of moisture related issues. Contact us for more information on our building thermography services.

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