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Thermal Imaging Surveys

Thermal imaging surveys involve the use of thermal imaging cameras to visually represent surface temperatures of an object in order to identify thermal anomalies that indicate possible defects. Thermographic surveys are typically required for 3 reasons:

  1. Commissioning of New Equipment/Buildings: Thermography can be used to identify potential defects at the earliest possible stage; enabling remedial works to be carried out before the building or equipment is handed over to the client.
  2. Maintenance Activities: Thermography can be used as part of a predictive maintenance or condition monitoring programme to identify defects early such that remedial works can be scheduled around business operations preventing unplanned production downtime.
  3. Fault Diagnosis: Where equipment is suspected of operating under faulty conditions or demonstrating evidence of poor performance, thermography can be used to provide further information which can assist in diagnosing the suspected issue.

Thermal imaging for electrical applications


Thermographic surveys on electrical distribution equipment can identify potential problems long before failure. They are often carried out in support of:

  • Commissioning new switchgear
  • Predictive maintenance activities
  • Insurance requirements
  • Fire risk assessment recommendations

Thermal Imaging for Building applications


Building thermography is the only non-intrusive way to locate missing insulation and thermal bridges within the fabric of a buildng. A survey can:

Thermal imaging for Mechanical applications


Thermographic inspections of mechanical equipment indentifies problems before failure, reducing unplanned downtime. Our thermography services are used for:

  • Commissioning new installations
  • Baseline performance assessments
  • Trending performance changes
  • Predictive Maintenance Strategies

Thermal imaging on Offshore Oil & Gas Platforms


Red Current can provide thermogrpahic surveys on offshore oil and gas installations for all thermography applications. Surveyors have completed:

  • BOSIET training
  • MIST training
  • Oil and Gas registered Medicals
  • Experience of working offshore

Thermal Imaging for Leak Detection & Moisture Issues

Leak detection

Thermal imaging provides a non-destructive method of understanding the extent and locating the source of sub-surface pipe leaks or moisture ingress in to the building fabric:

  • Limits unnecessary damage to floor coverings
  • Carried out in support of insurance claims
  • Commissioning of new buildings

Thermal imaging on Underfloor Heating Systems


Resolving issues with underfloor heating systems can be extremely difficult and very costly. Thermography enables a non-destructive assessment that can:

  • Locate each sub-surface pipe
  • Verify installation against design spec
  • Diagnose causes of poor performance
  • Locate the source of leaks

Red Current’s survey approaches and reporting structures have been developed following many years of meeting the requirements expected by Insurance Companies, Safety Auditors, Maintenance/Engineering Managers, Building Control and BREEAM Assessors etc.

By appointing Red Current Ltd to undertake a thermographic survey, you can be assured that the full benefits of thermography will be delivered in an efficient and professional manner at a highly competitive cost

What our customers say:

Kristian from Red Current provided us with a very helpful and professional service. He arrived on site at the agreed time and carried out the work with speed and efficiency. The results of the survey and accompanying images were returned to us promptly which meant we were able to deliver to our client without any fuss or delay. I would have no hesitation in recommending Red Current to any company requiring a thermal imaging survey.Richard Stephenson, Electrical Supervisor, Lovell
A concern in managing an IT infrastructure is power consumption and the possibility of damage being caused by faulty power delivery or overload. We asked Red Current to survey equipment in our two computer rooms to identify areas of concern. The clear reporting and visual presentation through the thermographic images gave a welcome reassurance that systems were performing normally. Ian Powis, Head of IT, Contego Packaging

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