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Thermal Camera Hire FAQs

Software Questions

Q. What software is supplied when hiring a thermal imaging camera?

A. Each thermal imaging camera is supplied with instructions to download FLIR Tools® analysis and reporting software free of charge. This software is suitable for most applications, i.e. basic image analysis and simple report generation. For more advanced applications, you may need to consider hiring the ResearchIR Max 4® software which is supplied on request as a USB dongle at addition cost.

Q. When would I need to hire the ResearchIR Max 4® software dongle?

A. ResearchIR Max 4® is a highly specialised thermal imaging analysis programme which can be used in support specialist thermal imaging analysis, data sharing, thermal video editing, etc. Find out more…

Q. How can I remove the ‘FLIR’ logo from video’s recorded on the thermal imaging camera?

A. Thermal videos that are captured as an mpg/Mp4 file will not allow any post recording adjustments to the image (i.e. changing colour pallet, temperature span). Also, any on-screen elements such as the ‘FLIR’ logo will be shown in the video. To enable post recording adjustments and logo removal, thermal video would need to be captured on a camera that is capable of recording Radiometric sequence files (*.csq) with the file processed using ResearchIR Max 4® and converted to a Windows Media video (*.wmv). Find out more…

Q. Which thermal imaging cameras record video as an mpg/Mp4 file?

A. Apart from the FLIR E4, E5, E6 and E8, each of the thermal imaging cameras available from Red Current will record thermal video an mpg/Mp4 video file.

Q. Which thermal imaging cameras can record Radiometric video files?

A. The following cameras are capable of recording both Radiometric and mpg/Mp4 files to the camera’s SD card: FLIR E53, FLIR E75, FLIR T540, FLIR T660 and FLIR T1030sc.

Q. Which thermal imaging cameras can be mounted on a tripod?

A. With the exception of the FLIR E4, E5 E6 and E8, all of the cameras can be mounted on a tripod. Note: Certain cameras are mounted using a tripod adapter supplied with the camera.


Payment Related Questions

Q. If we have ‘Hired in Goods’ insurance, do we need to pay the security deposit?

A. Yes. The security deposit is required for all Hire Agreements. This is processed as a pre-authorised credit/debit card payment which is cancelled upon safe return of the Hired Goods. Prior to despatch, you will need to be ensure that there are sufficient funds available to cover both the hire costs and security deposit. The hire costs and security deposit payments can be processed using two different debit/credit cards if required.


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