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Thermal Imaging Camera Hire

To compliment our full range of thermal imaging services, Red Current now offer a camera hire option.

If you are not in need of a thermal imaging camera on a regular basis and don’t fancy spending money one a product that you will use rarely, or if you want to test out one of our thermal imaging services before you delve into purchasing one, then we provide thermal imaging camera hire for this exact purpose.

The thermal imaging cameras that we provide have a variety of different uses which include analysis of building heat loss, electrical inspections, locating damp/water ingress and under floor heating. This means that they are very useful in a variety of different sectors and their versatility could mean that you get more use out of them than you would expect!

Each thermographic camera is supplied with user operator manuals, tutorial videos, accessories and analysis/report generating software.

Free UK Next Day Delivery and return collections on all Hire Thermal Imaging Cameras

Free UK Next Day Delivery and return collections on all Hire Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal imaging cameras can just be great to look at too! You can explore the naturistic aspects of your local area, local attractions or even your own home in a completely different light (literally!) with a thermal imaging camera. The cameras will let you see how much heat is emitted from certain areas, take a look at our thermal imaging tutorial videos to see how simple they are to use.

Look at the world in a way that you could never imagine with a thermal imaging camera, even if it is only for a temporary use, enjoy it while you can! If you have that much fun using one of our thermal imaging cameras, or if you realise that this actually has a very important use in your everyday life, then buy one our a thermal imaging cameras today!

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