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What is thermography? Thermography explained

No matter where you look objects around you emit heat. To the human eye this is not noticeable unless that heat is enough to spark our senses through touch, and thermography is the process of measuring that objects heat.

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Aerospace Research Group enlist Thermal Imaging Cameras to Test Hypersonic Flight

When it comes to designing a next-generation hypersonic capable plane the Aerospace Research Group do not take any stage of its development half-heartedly.

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Boost your Premises’ Thermal Properties in time for Winter

During the winter months one of the biggest costs to a business is heating and energy waste.

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Can U Values be measured using a thermal imaging camera?

One of the questions that I am commonly asked is: Is it possible to measure the U value of a wall using thermography?

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Are ‘Low Cost’ thermal imaging cameras threatening the future business for Professional Thermography Companies?

In my opinion, as the Managing Director of Red Current Ltd, the increase of ‘low cost’ thermal imaging cameras onto the market is positive to generating and sustaining new business in the main application areas we operate in.

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