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Maintain Your Mechanical Equipment by Using Our Thermographic Surveys

Many businesses rely heavily on mechanical equipment. Is this true of your company? Items such as fans, pumps, motors, vacuum sets and compressors, contribute to the overall productivity in lots of different industries. How do you know if there are any unseen problems lurking inside an important piece of equipment? By using our Thermographic Surveys. These sophisticated thermal imaging cameras are becoming increasingly more common, due to their effectiveness and high performance. Red Current are specialist in thermal imaging surveys and have over 20 years of expert industry experience. Why should you use our Mechanical Thermographic Surveys and how can it benefit your business?


Mechanical Thermal Imaging Surveys

When you consider the science behind mechanical equipment, they all rely on component parts such as belts, couplings, gears, bearings and so on. These are designed to transfer mechanical energy with the smallest amount of friction. Even the highest quality mechanical component gradually deteriorates, which increases the amount of friction and produces higher surface temperatures. This is where the excellence of Mechanical Thermal Imaging Surveys shows its true worth.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

‘Prevention is better than cure,’ so the saying goes. Wouldn’t it make more sense to assess problems in their infancy, before they escalate into a costly repair of replacement? Our predictive maintenance surveys are designed to inspect all aspects of your mechanical plant. Is there any potential problem that could arise? Thermal imaging surveys can detect and accurately record internal spikes in heat, which can then be used to effectively resolve the problem. Are there any misaligned, worn or incorrectly lubricated bearings? What about over-tightened or slipping drive belts? Our experienced thermographic specialists and our sophisticated equipment can inspect and identify all of these faults and so much more.

What Is included in Our Thermographic Surveys?

Thermographic surveys produce baseline thermal images and analysis of equipment health and performance. This is extremely important, as it is impossible to simply guess how your mechanical machinery or equipment is performing. Just because everything seems to be working OK, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is working efficiently. Our Thermal Imaging Surveys are based on either a full day or a half a day schedule, depending on what your requirements are. The images that are produced are visual pictures of the amount of infrared energy that is emitted. We also supply a visual image for comparison. What else is included in the thermographic surveys? An analysis and observation summary is also contained in this report. Any problem that is located, has a suggested probable cause and recommended cause of action.


Commissioning Newly Installed Mechanical Equipment

How do you know when it is time to install new equipment? Is your machinery serviceable, or is it more economical in the long run to commission newly installed mechanical equipment?
You can use our comprehensive thermal imaging surveys to make a decision based on factual information. All of this and more forms part of our thermographic surveys.

If you would like any additional information on how your mechanical equipment can benefit from our thermal imaging cameras, please contact us on today.

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