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Lewis Geater Joins Red Current's Team Of Thermographic Surveyors


Hello, I’m Lewis, the newest thermographic surveyor to join the team at Red Current.

Previous to this I have many years’ experience working as an electrical engineer in the nuclear industry; working in hazardous environments such explosives atmospheres and radioactive areas. Over the years, I have worked on some of the UK’s most important projects, this has given me significant knowledge of a variety of different electrical distribution systems and specialist bespoke equipment. My previous thermal imaging experience and PCN Level 1 Thermography Certification has enabled me to join Red Current with a very quick transition to carrying out surveys for Red Current’s customers.

Working as a thermographic surveyor has given me a different perspective for the maintenance of electrical systems and made me appreciate its value and effectiveness for modern installations.

The first week here I noticed a real positive attitude within the company, support and guidance was only a question away. I immediately felt at ease and a part of the family, and any question asked would be taken in and fed back to help my development.

The second week was more positive than the last, development of my knowledge and changing the way I think about problem solving; I even got stuck into seeing how the surveys are performed with one of the surveyors (so exciting!). This week also meant a late finish to perform a building survey, yes it was cold, yes it was dark BUT the knowledge gained that day was invaluable and it is something I wouldn’t trade.

The last couple of months have been a real insight into how other companies operate and how other electrical personnel perform their duties and to what extent. I’ve gained a deeper understanding than before and I know that working here is going to lead to something more than I ever expected...

My boss seems to love this photo; it might be because it shows me actually attempting to work. (He knows I work hard).
Lewis Geater.

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