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FLIR C2 Ultra Compact Thermal Camera – In Stock!


If you have been thinking about getting a FLIR C2, now is the time with Red Current offering free gifts with every C2 purchase!

The FLIR C2 is the world’s first full-featured, pocket-sized thermal camera designed especially for building applications. Carry it on you so you’re ready anytime to find and show thermal patterns that point out energy waste, structural defects, plumbing clogs, HVAC issues, and other invisible trouble spots.

The C2’s must-have features include MSX® real time thermal image enhancement, high sensitivity, a wide field of view, and fully radiometric imagery to show you and your customers exactly where problems are.

Main Benefits:
• Carry it on you, ready to go
• Sees heat issues that your eyes alone can’t
• Auto orientation for easy viewing
• MSX detail for seeing numbers, labels and more
• Captures temperatures from -10°C to 150°C
• Saves radiometric JPEGs to help make your case
• Free FLIR Tools analysis and reporting software

C2 3 way

Red Current now has the C2 in stock at £559+VAT and is available for next day delivery. Visit our website or contact the team at Red Current on 01189 968102 to find out about the optional free gifts and additional special offers on this camera.

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