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6 Benefits of Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is a maintenance strategy that’s suitable for an array of industries and applications.

Here at Red Current we have a team of engineers qualified to use advanced thermal imaging cameras to meet and exceed your requirements. We provide leading thermal imaging surveys and reports that allow us to detect leaks from water and gas pipes, electrical shortages and poor building economy.

Where expectations are already high, Red Current provide an exceptional service that is non-invasive but extremely cost-efficient. Here’s how you can benefit from our thermal imaging cameras and surveys today!

1. Uncovering hidden issues

Thermal imaging is an advanced technique that can indicate many potential defects within the heat spread across a building. If there are any air leaks whatsoever, a thermal imaging camera from Red Current can highlight these for you, ensuring your building's heating economy is maintained.

To detect air leaks, it’s recommended you check around the roof, windows and doors for changes in temperature, identifiable by their colours; a clear indication of where air is escaping.

2. Perform home inspections

A thermal imaging survey allows you to identify any problems with the transfer of heat within your home. If your property is losing energy easily, it’s likely that your electricity bills will be exceedingly high but using thermal imaging, you can pinpoint where energy is being lost so you know which areas need attention and repairs.

The fact that the thermal imaging cameras are portable make them ideal for assessing moisture damage and the severity of it. A Red Current thermal imaging report provides you with greater convenience and reliability regarding the structure of your property.

3. Detection of electrical faults

It’s better to detect the signs of electrical failure before it’s too late!

Thermal imaging can allow you to identify overloaded or overheating circuits or whether a motor bearing may have failed, ultimately enabling you to repair any faulty electricals before they cause damage to your property or indeed harm to occupants.

Undetected electrical faults will likely lead to power failure and the last thing you want is for your power to cut out. Thermal imaging is advantageous in the sense that you can repair any faulty equipment or electricals within your property in good time, before it gets too expensive!

4. Speed of response

If you require any information regarding thermal imaging, Red Current are always on hand to provide expert advice. The thermal imaging equipment we have available is ideal for detecting a wide range of faults within your home or office space, identifying faults quickly and efficiently, saving you both time and money.

When hiring any of our thermal imaging cameras, we guarantee free UK next day delivery and return collections so you only pay for the period of hire! The cameras require no downtime and are convenient and effective, allowing you to visualise the areas that need repairs.

5. Lightweight

Red Current believe that thermal imaging is suitable for any industrial application. Being lightweight and portable in design make the cameras perfect to move around with ease during entire building inspections speeding up the process and ensuring a high degree of accuracy in your results.

6. Don’t waste your money

Thermal imaging may seem expensive but you will find it is significantly cheaper than the cost of escalating energy bills and repairs which could have been prevented prior to a failure occurring!

A thermal imaging survey will enable you to address areas where money is being wasted and so ensuring that your precious money is being spent wisely, making your industrial building or home as cost and energy efficient as possible.

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