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All you need to know about thermal imaging

Thermal imaging is an innovative technology that has advanced over the years and has become increasingly popular across the board. Thermal imaging offers suitability for all industry sectors, whether it’s the offshore, gas or construction industry!

Here at Red Current, we have a wealth of experience when it to comes to supplying thermal imaging cameras and surveys. If you require any advice with regards to thermal imaging, don’t hesitate to speak to the experts!

So, what is thermal imaging?

Thermography is a technique that uses thermal imaging cameras to visually represent the infrared energy emitted from a surface. Thermographic cameras are used to detect thermal anomalies, this not only enables you to identify any defects, it also means you can rectify those problems immediately. Red Current supply infrared cameras to illustrate areas that are absorbing the most heat, reflecting heat and often transmitting heat. The use of colours makes it easier to locate the source of any faults, allowing you to visualise the areas that need the most attention.

Who uses thermal imaging?

Thermal imaging surveys can be used by different industries for their unique purposes. For instance; the medical industry. Thermal imaging is used medically to pinpoint physiological abnormalities, assisting them in making accurate diagnoses.

Additionally, thermal imaging is used by electricians to identify defects associated with overloading, poor connections, 3rd order harmonics, cooling related issues and faulty electrical components enabling them to understand which areas are underperforming or are potentially dangerous within all types of facility.

As well as this, Red Current’s thermal imaging equipment can prove crucial for rescue crews and firefighters. The cameras can be used to assess areas that are at risk of fire, whilst also being essential for search and rescue teams, with the infrared technology being utilised to help search for missing persons.

For the construction trade, thermographic surveys are extremely useful for analysing and inspecting buildings or their surroundings for any thermal anomalies. If detected in good time, the consequences are less severe, hence why thermal imaging is so important today. Thermal imaging by Red Current is appropriate for maintaining safe living/working standards, if there are any areas of high infrared radiation or thermal anomalies, our thermal imaging equipment will alert you to them, for improvements to be made selectively and quickly.

Why Red Current?

Red Current has over 20 years of experience, accompanied with an abundance of expertise. Our team of surveyors are all trained and PCN certified. We consider customer satisfaction to be at the heart of all that we do, aiming to meet all your individual needs and requirements and can provide you with any advice and support!

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