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Used Thermal Imaging Camera Sales

If you are considering purchasing an infrared camera, but can't quite stretch to the cost a new camera at the required specification, there may be another option. We often have used thermal imaging cameras in stock with cost savings of up to 50% off the purchase price of a brand new model.

Each thermographic camera is supplied with user operator manuals, analysis/report generating software, calibration certificates and the remaining term of the manufacturer's warranty.

With applications ranging from electrical inspections, balancing heating systems, building heat loss analysis, locating missing/damaged cavity wall insulation, underfloor heating surveys, locating moisture/water ingress and cold storage efficiency, purchasing a thermal imaging camera could increase the efficiency of your business whilst being able to offer your customers an increased level of service.

Red Current Ltd has over 20 years experience in the use of thermography for many different applications employed within manufacturing, food/drink, Data/IT, storage/distribution, petrochemical (including Off-shore) and nuclear industries. Our experts are well placed to fully understand your requirements ensuring you get the best advice possible before investing in the purchase of an infrared camera.

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Try before you buy....

If you are not in need of a thermal imaging camera on a regular basis and don’t fancy spending money one a product that you will use rarely, or if you want to test out one of our thermal imaging services before you delve into purchasing one, then we provide thermal imaging camera hire for this exact purpose.

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