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FLIR Thermal Studio Pro Software - Full Licence

Part No.: T300083

FLIR Thermal Studio Pro  

The FLIR Thermal Studio Pro Software is a powerful, efficient and flexible state-of-the-art thermal analysis and reporting program. It is suitable for thermographers working in a variety of industry sectors. It supports all of FLIR’s modern thermography cameras including FLIR’s C-, T-, E-, GF- and P6-series as well as FLIR One cameras, and can be used to process and analyse vast quantities of thermal videos and images captured by these IR imagers in standard FLIR formats.

Automated, comprehensive and advanced processing, analysing and reporting capabilities streamlines workflow, decreasing the time the user spends in his/her office, thereby enabling the thermographer to spend more time in the field. The FLIR Thermal Studio Pro Software makes editing thermal media as easy as editing visual media and can manage thousands of thermal images and videos. Moreover, customisable report templates mean the user can tailor documentation to the client’s requirements.

Please note that this is the full licence version: a one-off payment grants full and perpetual access, annual subscription payments are not required.

Discounted Upgrade

If you are already a FLIR Tools+ license holder, there is a £300 discount applicable. Contact us for more details.

Main Features

  • Create and edit large reports with fully customizable templates.
  • Edit large amounts of images and videos efficiently.
  • Use advanced measurement functions or perform coverage calculations.
  • Adjust MSX or other Visual Camera features.
  • Perform multi-source plots and formula computations.
  • Enhance OGI video with high sensitivity mode and pixel binding for enhanced gas visualization from SEQ and CSQ files.
  • Handle UAS images with full support for roll, pitch, and yaw.

Datasheet Download

FLIR Thermal Studio Pro Datasheet


Price Options

£1,107.00 exc VAT (Full License)


  • Image file formats: JPG/JPEG, Radiometric JPG/JPEG
  • Video file formats: MP4, CSQ, SEQ
  • Export formats: PDF, XPS, CSV, JPG, AVI, ATR
  • Report templates: Fully customisable templates
  • Image presentation modes: MSX, Thermal only, Thermal Fusion, Blending, Picture-in-picture, Visual only
  • Image controls: MSX alignment, Resize, Crop, Free rotation
  • Image annotations: Text, Voice
  • Measurement functions: Spot, Box, Circle, Line, Polygon, Magic wand, Delta
  • Measurement alarms: Humidity, Insulation
  • Colour distribution: Histogram equalisation, Signal linear, Temperature linear, DDE
  • Colour palettes: Custom palettes
  • Geolocation: GPS, Compass, Roll, Pitch, Yaw, Frame by frame
  • Formulas: Yes
  • Batch processing: Yes
  • Live video: No
  • Languages: Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, traditional Chinese, Turkish

Software Tutorial Videos

Below we have a few tutorial video which give a great overview and intruction on the funtionality of the software.

Create A New Template

Learn how to create report templates that are tailored to your specific needs in FLIR Thermal Studio Pro with this short, informative video from the Infrared Training Center.

Batch Image Processing

Learn more about batch processing in FLIR Thermal Studio Pro with this helpful introductory video from the Infrared Training Center.

Rapid Report Generator

Get the tips you need to streamline your reporting with Rapid Report in FLIR Thermal Studio Pro. Just watch this short video from the Infrared Training Center and you'll be ready to go.

Image Management

Get tips on image management in FLIR Thermal Studio Pro with this short, informative video from the Infrared Training Center.

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