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FLIR T640 inc WiFI Thermal Imaging Camera

FLIR part number: 55904-6922

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If you are hoping to undertake your own thermal surveys, either to help you undertake a renovation or to add to the equipment you use professionally, you may wish to consider the FLIR T640 thermal imaging camera.

The FLIR T640 thermal camera offers a crisp thermal image that will help you to detect anomalies easily. Its screen boasts an impressive resolution of 640 x 480 pixels on which the smallest of details can be seen.

The T640 is flexible, so it can meet your every thermal imaging need to the highest degree. It is also portable and easy to use.

If you’re looking for a high specification thermal imaging camera with a simple and streamlined user interface, the T640 may be ideal. The camera is handheld, with a large viewing monitor through which details can be seen clearly.

This model also comes complete with WiFi and extensive communication possibilities. These features mean that, whatever your location, you will be able to share the thermal images you create and produce detailed reports thanks to specialist FLIR Tools software.

The T640’s temperature range spans from as low as -40 degrees celsius to an impressive +2000 degrees. Its field of view and sensitivity levels are also superb. This makes it the ideal thermal imaging camera to use in almost any environment.


New - £25,813 exc VAT

Ex Demo - £22,075 exc VAT

Please contact us for expected delivery date before purchasing

Camera Features

  • Resolution: 640x 480pixels
  • Range: –40°C to +2000°C
  • Field of View: 25°
  • Sensitivity: < 0.03°C

FLIR T640 Ex Demo Thermal Imaging Camera

Choosing an ex-demo camera doesn’t mean you’ll be compromising on quality. Many of the cameras we sell “second hand” have only been used once or twice - sometimes not at all - so you’ll receive a model that is like new for a reduced price.

Usually, these cameras are only between 3 and 6 months old, and many will not even have been removed from their original packaging.

The camera also comes with its original 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty and 10 Year Detector's Warranty.

You can also hire professional thermal imaging cameras from Red Current today if you would rather not purchase equipment for a more short-term project.

Download the FLIR T640 Datasheet

FLIR T600 Series

If you’re thinking of buying a FLIR T600 Series camera, have a look at the video below to see some of the available functions allowing you to get the most of this superb piece of equipment.

For more detailed guidance, you may wish to book a specialist demonstration with one of Red Current’s experts, as detailed further down the page.

FLIR Tools Software

Thinking of using the FLIR Tools Software to edit your images or generate a report? Then have a look at the video below to see the basics of the software, allowing you to get the most out of the FLIR thermal imaging camera.

You’ll be able to decipher results of all kinds, change the relevant visualisations as you require and ensure that all your findings are easy to understand and act upon.

Expert advice from highly experienced thermal imaging surveyors

Thermal imaging cameras could be the perfect solution for your particular circumstances. Contact Red Current today and talk to a trained and qualified surveyor to get the best possible advice.

If you decide to book a demonstration, our specialists will help you to completely get to grips with your brand new equipment and software, ensuring that you are able to decipher the results of your surveys in a number of different ways.

You’ll be able to see how professional surveyors utilise the equipment to its best effect, so that you will then be able to handle your new FLIR T640 thermal camera with confidence and expertise.

Whether you require a FLIR T640 thermal imaging camera to detect thermal leaks, water leaks, electrical faults or any other problems within a building or its surroundings, our specialist team will be able to assist you.

Take your time to browse the products and services available from Red Current before you move forward with the FLIR T640.

Feel free to make contact with any member of our team today. Whatever your query, and whatever product or service you’re interested in, we’ll be more than happy to provide you with assistance and advice.

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