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FLIR E5xt inc WiFi Thermal Imaging Camera

FLIR part number: 63909-1004


Among the most popular infrared imaging cameras now available to purchase from Red Current is the FLIR E5xt - for sale as either a new or ex-demo model.

One of the most attractive and practical elements of the FLIR E5xt is its inbuilt WiFi. This addition means that the data stored on the camera is easily accessible and transferable at all times, making it extremely easy to analyse on the go.

No matter where you are, with the new Flir E5xt thermal imager you can share images and send reports instantly from your smartphone or tablet via the FLIR Tools Mobile app, and make critical decisions faster!

The E5xt is the first model within FLIR’s Ex series range of cameras. FLIR have retained the simple user interface while offering powerful, high resolution imaging capabilities, an impressive range and field of view, great sensitivity and advanced analysis features.


New - £1,199.00 exc VAT

Ex Demo - £1,100 exc VAT

Please contact us for expected delivery date before purchasing

Camera Features

  • Resolution: 160 x 120 pixels
  • Range: –20°C to +400°C
  • Field of View: < 45° × 34°
  • Sensitivity: < 0.10°C

FLIR E5xt WiFi Ex Demo Thermal Imaging Camera

You can also purchase the FLIR E5xt with WiFi as an ex-demo model.

Our ex-demo FLIR E5xt thermal imaging cameras are generally between 3 to 6 months old. Some will have never been on a demo and are still new in their box. As a result they are in excellent condition with very little evidence of usage.

All our ex-demo cameras will come with the remainder of their original 2 year Manufacturer Warranty and 10 year Detector Warranty.

Download the FLIR E5xt Datasheet

FLIR Ex Series

If you are thinking of buying a FLIR E5xt thermal camera or any other imaging product from the Ex Series range, have a look at the video below to see some of the available functions allowing you to get the most of the hardware you’ve chosen.

FLIR Tools Software

Thinking of using the FLIR Tools Software to edit your images or generate a report? Then have a look at the video below to see the basics of the software, allowing you to get the most out of the FLIR thermal imaging camera.

Expert advice from highly experienced thermal imaging surveyors

If you are considering purchasing a FLIR E5xt thermal imaging camera, it may be within your interests to arrange a demonstration with one of the experts at Red Current. This will allow you to fully understand the capabilities of both the camera and its accompanying software.

Feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book a specialist to assist you.

Thermal imaging cameras could be the perfect solution for your requirements - whether you are interested in identifying areas of damp or poor thermal insulation within a property, fixing water or gas leaks, improving your security, detecting electrical faults or anything else besides.

If you do not think you will use a camera of this kind enough to warrant purchasing one, the FLIR E5xt thermal imaging camera is also available for hire. However, possessing your own imager may prove more beneficial in the long run, as it means you’ll have immediate access to specialist equipment without incurring a cost each time.

Don’t forget to take a look at our full range of infrared imaging cameras - both new and used - in order to make an informed decision about whether the FLIR E5xt thermal camera is the best option for your needs.

If you thinking about investing in the FLIR E5xt - for sale direct from Red Current - simply This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in order to talk with a trained and qualified surveyor and receive the best possible advice.

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