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Thermal Imaging Camera Sales

Red Current Ltd has teamed up with FLIR to distribute their range of commercial thermal imaging cameras. As the world’s largest commercial Infrared Imaging Company, Flir have been supplying thermography and night vision equipment to science, industry, law enforcement and the military for over 50 years. Flir offer the widest range of thermal imaging cameras, accessories and software to suit all customer requirements and budgets.

Red Current Ltd has over 20 years experience in the use of thermography for many different applications employed within manufacturing, food/drink, Data/IT, storage/distribution, petrochemical (including Off-shore) and nuclear industries. Our experts are well placed to fully understand your requirements ensuring you get the best advice possible before investing in the purchase of an infrared camera.

Try before you buy....

If you are not in need of a thermal imaging camera on a regular basis and don’t fancy spending money one a product that you will use rarely, or if you want to test out one of our thermal imaging services before you delve into purchasing one, then we provide thermal imaging camera hire for this exact purpose.

We have a wide variety for FLIR thermal imaging cameras for sale, the majority of which come with WIFI capabilities for immediate transfer of data and information, and easy report generation wherever you are. Ideally they should be used alongside FLIR Tools Software - an easy to use system to help you analyse the results of your infrared imaging and create detailed reports.

There are many different types of thermal imaging camera for sale, from the FLIR E5 - complete with WIFI capabilities, a resolution of 120 x 90 pixels, a thermal range of –20°C to +250°C and a sensitivity of < 0.10°C - to the FLIR T66o, which boasts a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, a thermal range of –40°C to +2000°C and a sensitivity of < 0.02°C.

If you are interested in our thermal imaging cameras for sale and you already own a model yourself, why not take advantage of our trade in part exchange offer? You can tell us about your old model here to discover what discount your could receive within our current thermal imaging camera sales range.

Our thermal imaging camera sales department is the best place to look if you believe you would benefit from the long term use of a brand new infrared camera. However, you are also able to temporarily hire products if you do not feel it necessary to invest in equipment of your own. We also offer second hand or ex-demo thermal imaging cameras for sale, all of which are in perfect condition.

We are also able to perform full thermographic surveys on your behalf if you would be more confident in a thorough and formal report generated by our team of specialists. Our survey approaches and reporting structures have been developed following many years of meeting the requirements expected by Insurance Companies, Safety Auditors, Maintenance/Engineering Managers, Building Control and BREEAM Assessors etc.

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