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Thermal Imaging Standards

Red Current Ltd provides a varied range of thermal imaging surveys and reporting to suit applications and customer requirements. Regardless of which application, each inspection is carried out in accordance with our method statements and risk assessments at the same time complying with local working procedures. All thermographers are fully trained to a minimum of PCN Level 1 (ISO 18436) and use a calibrated thermal imaging camera.

Each report is reviewed and approved by a certified PCN Level 2 thermographer to ensure the quality of the analysis and recommendations together with complying with the requirements of insurance companies and BREEAM Assessors.

Electrical Thermal Imaging Surveys

Standard Thermal Imaging Survey:

Surveys are based on either a half or full day depending on the number of assets to be inspected and each asset's location. The quotation will provided on the basis of the customer's best estimate of number of assets and Redcurrent Ltd's previous experience of the types of facilities.

During the survey a thermal image is recorded for each electrical asset and where applicable will be assigned to the following priority classification:



priority 1 Immediate action should be taken
priority 2 Remedial action should be undertaken at the earliest opportunity
priority 3 Remedial action should be taken at the next planned maintenance

All priority 1 anomalies will be reported to the point of contact prior to leaving the site.

For maximum effectiveness it is advised that the covers of electrical panels are removed throughout the survey such that cables and terminations can be seen by the thermal imaging camera. Contrary to common belief, thermal imaging cameras cannot see through walls or covers.

Following the survey the report will be delivered via email in pdf format within 5 working days. This will then be followed up with a bound colour hard copy where required.

Standard Report

A standard report comprises of 3 elements:

  1. Introduction, scope and summary of the survey.
  2. Each anomaly reported on individual pages including both thermographic and visual images of the asset together with details of fault description and recommendations.
  3. An appendix with thermal images of each asset inspected detailing both location and asset identification.

Building Thermography Surveys

Building Thermal Imaging Surveys Building surveys vary greatly depending on the customer requirements. They can range from a qualitative survey based on only taking images of the external elevations of the building envelope to a full quantitative survey using images taken both externally and internally.

Regardless of the type of inspection, the environmental conditions must be suitable if reliable results are to obtained. For this reason a degree of flexibility is required by the customer on when the survey is carried out.

Required Environmental Conditions

  • Ideally the survey should be carried out at night in over cast conditions (Quantitative Inspections).
  • No solar radiation on any elevation in the preceding hour to the survey being carried out.
  • Wind speeds during the survey should not exceed 5m/s.
  • The survey should be carried out when the external ambient temperature has been within ± 2°C, 3 hours prior to and during the survey.
  • Building surfaces should be dry.
  • Temperature difference between internal and external ambient should be greater than 10°C.
  • Temperature difference between internal and external ambient should be no less than 5°C for the preceding 24 hours.
  • There should be no precipitation prior to or during the survey (including mist or fog).

Building Survey Report

The final report will very much depend on the customer requirements. As a minimum each report will include:

  1. Introduction, scope and summary of the survey.
  2. A record of the environmental conditions at the time of the survey.
  3. Thermal images of each external elevation of the building together with observation comments.

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